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Courses for Businesses

Practical and effective courses offered on-site!

English Language courses:

TRADUCFORM language school has created a program that meets the linguistic needs of businesses in Quebec. The SMART English program is an innovative method that helps French-speaking individuals learn English as a second language within realistic time frames;

...moreover, the program is an effective tool that aims at helping companies to have a bilingual personnel.

The SMART English program is a program that helps individuals to learn English using a structured method with very specific objectives. It is comprised of all the required elements to learn English as a second language. The courses are highly personalized in order to meet the individual needs of every business.

French/Spanish Language courses

In addition, courses for French as a second language and Spanish courses are offered. As with the English courses, the objective is to help Quebec businesses have employees that function very effectively in French or in Spanish.

The twenty-hour on-site programs provide a solid training method adapted for each business. The group courses are made up of four (4) to eight (8) candidates. Smaller groups may also be formed; private courses are available to individuals who have difficult work schedules, who learn faster or more slowly than the average candidate.


  • to improve your personnel’s level of bilingualism in order to improve your employees’ performance
  • to study the internal and external needs of your business
  • to help your personnel communicate effectively in both official languages

The Team

Headed by Brigitte Khouzam, MBA, and Karen Kutter, BA, the school is comprised of a team of multidisciplinary professionals specialized in language training in the workplace:

  • instructors for English as a second language
  • instructors for French as a second language
  • instructors for French mother tongue
  • instructors for Spanish
  • advisors for the training of all instructors
  • advisors to evaluate your business’s linguistic needs.

The avantages of investing in language training

  • Effective communication with your clients;
  • An increase in important business relations;
  • An increase in your revenue by expanding into foreign markets.
  • Investing in your personnel increases employee loyalty – an important factor given the growing shortage of qualified workers.

Our clients

Since 1986, TRADUCFORM language school has offered specialized language training services to a large number of businesses in the greater Montreal area. These on-site courses meet the needs of employees as well as those of the employers.

Here are a few businesses that have benefited from our language training services:

ADPFruits et Passion
Assurances ELCOIntria Items
Banque de MontréalMaison des Futailles (Kruger)
Bombardier CapitalNEWALTA
Brasserie MooseheadPiscine Hippocampe
CSSTPublications CCH
EMCOShur Gain (Maple Leaf)
Entourage BellVision Chevrolet
Financière LibertéDufresne, Hébert, Comeau

Tuition Fees

Business on-site Courses

Fall Session:18 September - 24 November 2017
Winter Session:15 January - 23 March 2018
Spring Session:9 April - 15 June 2018
Private Courses:begin at any time

Number of Students
per Class
20 hours
Tuition Fees per Student
(books included)
Group of 4 to 6 $399 per student
Group of 3 $499 per student
Semi-private (2) Courses $695 per student
Private Courses $1,295 per student
Travelling and parking fees to be added

Group or Private courses
  • 2 hours per week for 10 weeks.
  • minimum of two hours, once a week

Placement test by telephone
  • compulsory (free of charge)
  • If the student drops the course, a $50 administration fee will be charged

Registration: By appointment only (free of charge)

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