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At Traducform our mission is to help you achieve your goals

TRADUCFORM offers translation and language training services. Since 1986 our mission has been to offer language training services that meet the students' and the employers' needs and professional requirements.
TRADUCFORM offers courses at its premises on the South Shore (Candiac & Brossard).

Group courses include 4 to 8 students; private courses are also offered.

For your convenience

In response to busy work schedules, the language training courses are offered on site. The students need only walk a few feet from their work station to the nearest company conference room! Many employers have taken the initiative of offering their employees these practical and effective courses. Private and group courses with a maximum of six students are offered.

Our eclectic method always takes into consideration the student's needs, demands, strengths, and weaknesses. All courses may be tailored to meet your professional needs.

Why is language training important?

As competition in business intensifies, companies must offer their clients the best service possible. Being multilingual is a core asset in a global market place. Proper communication is a key factor to obtain customer satisfaction. At TRADUCFORM, our objective is to help you achieve your business goals. Today, employers are eager to meet the challenges of the new millenium. Why not take a proactive stance by preparing today for tomorrow.

Encourage your employees to develop good language skills. Fluency in English, French, as well as in Spanish has become an asset worldwide. Speaking a client's language not only facilitates communication, but also bears profound implications in establishing strong and secure business ties. It is obvious that the benefits far outweigh the cost.

Our team

A professional team of highly trained language instructors and translators is at your service. Continuous quality improvement initiatives and feedback from students are used to continually upgrade our training methods. A balance between the use of technology and a high standard of teaching has resulted in customer satisfaction. Join the numerous clients who have greatly benefited from TRADUCFORM's excellent service.


S. Khouzam, BA

L’École de Langues TRADUCFORM was founded in 1986 by Mr. Sam Khouzam, a language teacher since 1960. Mr. Khouzam, who speaks six languages, has always had a passion for learning and teaching languages. Founding his own school was a dream fulfilled after his retirement. According to Mr. Khouzam, "Quebec is North America’s Switzerland: a region where it is possible to learn and to speak several languages." According to Mr. Khouzam, a language lives only if it is spoken.


B. Khouzam, BA, MBA

Ms. Brigitte Khouzam is in charge of marketing and customer service. She may be contacted for information regarding translation services, language training programmes, tuition fees, and registration.

Vice President

K. Kutter, BA

Ms. Karen Kutter is the head of the training department. She works with the team of teachers to ensure that your needs and professional demands are met. All questions regarding teachers may be directed to her.

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